Krems, Austria

November 24th

Göttweig Abbey, which began in 1083,  is located near the historic city of Krems. There are 43 monks who live here without many modern luxuries (like air conditioning & electric lights in some rooms). They run an active winery and own a lot of the vineyards around the area. There is a wine tasting at the end of the tour with a local grape, a Riesling, and a Pinot Noir. They were all very dry wines, but pleasant. They also make an apricot juice from their groves of apricots.

When we were touring the cathedral, our tour guide apparently forgot about us and left us in the crypt. So, Chris and I took the opportunity to walk around and explore some. Eventually we found him, but he didn’t even know we had not been there. The tour was over, so we just went about what we were doing anyway. I am glad that man is not in charge of children because they’d all be gone by the end of the day.

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