Passau, Germany

November 21st, 2018

We landed in Munich, Germany around 9:30AM. The airport shuttle took us to passport control. Once through, we collected our bags and found the Viking representative. We boarded a large bus and traveled through the German countryside for about two hours until we reached the port in Passau. This port was a distance from the main port. During dinner, the boat moved to dock closer to the shops in Passau and we had an amazing view from our balcony. That is, until another river boat came beside our boat and blocked the view.

We had a quick bowl of mushroom soup before heading out to explore Passau. We had a brief tour from a guide who showed us a few paths and her favorite stops. After this, we split off and walked around to explore a little more. We found the art district and a new acquaintance bought a vase from a potter.

November 22nd – Thanksgiving

This morning we headed out on another tour of Passau. The buildings are made of stone and painted different colors. The colors were indicative of what type of business the building contained since many people were illiterate in the past. Traditionally, it was red paint for the butcher, blue for baker, green for pharmacy, and yellow for beer. We walked around St. Michael’s and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. St. Stephen’s has the largest organ in a Catholic church (with an insane number of pipes). St. Stephen’s was built up higher than St. Michael’s so that everyone would know which church was more important.

Around noon our boat headed out to the next port, Linz, Austria. In Linz, we had a great view from our balcony of the Ars Electronica Center, which featured a light show on the building itself.

Note: To look at the 360 picture below, click on the picture and drag the cursor.

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