Adventures in Tsumago.

Thursday, June 7th

We began today with a traditional breakfast. We then spent time walking around the shops of Tsumago that sold little trinkets, groceries, and treats.

Arrival in Inuyama.

Thursday, June 7th

We arrived late in Inuyama. We found a ramen shop that was open, but the rest of the small town had shut down for the night. We checked into our hotel, and since it was night, we thought that we would not get much of a view. But Inuyama Castle is lit up at night and we could see the castle very clearly from our room.

Friday, June 8th

We walked around Inuyama’s city streets in the morning and went to the castle. In Japanese, inu means “dog” and yama means “mountain.” The mascot for the town was a little dog dressed in traditional Japanese male attire complete with a little bun on his head. He was plastered everywhere around the city.

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