We left Shreveport at 5:36 PM on May 31st and headed to Memphis, Tennessee. Around 11:40 PM Shreveport time is when we landed at the airport in Los Angeles (9:40 their time). Our plane left at what was 3:10 AM Shreveport time towards Tokyo, Japan. The flight was 11 hours long and it landed in Haneda International airport on June 2, 4:55 AM (which was June 1, 2:55 PM in Shreveport).

Saturday, June 2
Our first apartment is in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. It is in the Northwest section and is a really trendy area that bases its style on American fashion. We went to the apartment and took a shower, got ourselves together, and headed out into the unknown. We first went down Takeshita Street and found a 7-11 that sells Onigiri and other Japanese foods. There was also a McDonald’s that sells chicken sandwiches for $10. We headed through Takeshita and out onto a main road called Meiji-Dori. There was a police station with the friendliest cops that we have ever met. An English-speaking lady cop told us where to go to get good food.
So we left the police station and headed to Omote-Sando, which is a street that sells EVERYTHING related to fashion. There was a Ralph Lauren, a Chanel, and every American/European retailer that you could imagine. There were also tons of places to eat. There are Soba/Udon/Noodle shops everywhere. Many restaurants have displays that show you what their food looks like and you can point to them to order.
There was a big mall with an entrance filled with mirrors at different angles called Tokyu Plaza. There were many shops inside selling tons of fashionable items. On the 3rd floor, there was a mirror that you could press a few buttons and it would help you try on clothes… That was pretty cool. There was a Starbucks on the 6th floor with a garden and many trees. This is where we found the dad with the rainbow pants and clown shoes… and he wasn’t trying to be a clown. Please see the pictures…
After this, we walked around and found an American-style pizza buffet. We thought it would be interesting to see what they thought Americans put on their pizza so we decided to eat there. There was shrimp and mayonnaise, cuttlefish and tuna, bleu cheese and broccoli, chocolate banana custard, and melon Jell-O. Even though those sound weird, most were pretty good!
We explored around some more then came back to the apartment to plan for the next day.

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