Monday, December 3           

After the churches in Pécs, we drove to Villány. This village is tiny and filled with wine tasting venues all lined up down the main street. We stayed at The Crocus Hotel, which is operated by Gere Winery. We have stayed at some nice hotels (and some that really need some help), but this is the nicest hotel we have stayed at.  After exploring our suite, the hotel served us a welcome glass of wine.

Below is a 360 Video of our suite. When you watch the video, click on the screen to pan around and see everything!

Monday, December 3           


We walked down the street to the Bock Restaurant as the cold rain drizzled. The restaurant is very pretty & the waiter speaks very good English.

“Do you have a reservation?”

Peering around the empty restaurant, “No, do we need reservations?”

“Yes, of course you do.”

“Ok, we can go somewhere else…”

“No, I’ll see what I can do.” He grabs two menus and seats us without hesitation.

And then literally no one else showed up for the hour and a half that we dined.


The food was amazing. We had soup & entrees that were perfectly prepared. The wines at Bock were the best that we had tasted in Hungary to that point.


We bought a bottle of the Bock Chardonnay to enjoy in our suite that evening.

Siklós Castle

Tuesday, December 4

In the morning, we went to Siklós Castle. It was a huge castle, but the museum part was not organized very well. It was still a fun castle and it did not take up the whole day. 

We spent the afternoon at the spa. We got the Gere-Grape Treatment package, which included a red wine bath, a glass of red wine, exfoliation massage with grape seed extract, and a full body massage. The red wine bath is really interesting. They run the bath with herbs, like mint, and some type of oil. Then, when you are ready, they pour a pitcher of red wine into the bathtub and allow you to soak for about 20ish minutes while you drink your glass of red wine. The bath smelled amazing! There are two huge tubs next to each other for couples or friends to enjoy the room together. The whole thing was about $70/person, which isn’t bad for an afternoon of spa treatments. 

For dinner, we ate at Mandula.

Mandula is at the hotel and they had a set menu. 

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